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Soteria in the Pub: Kathy Greenwood (SPRiG) – People, Society, the NHS & Psychosis: A journey of discovery and a future vision?

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  • January 19th 2017
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Kathy Greenwood is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the University of Sussex, School of Psychology and Consultant clinical psychologist, R&D Department and Vice-Chair of the Psychosis Clinical Academic Group in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Kathy leads the Sussex psychosis research interest group (SPRiG): a partnership between the Service User Research Forum, Sussex Partnership, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and University of Sussex to raise the profile of research and understanding of unusual upsetting experiences (psychosis) in the wider public. Kathy’s research interests include (i) early intervention for stigma towards mental illness in young children (ii) youth engagement in mental health and help seeking and (iii) the role of internal (memory, thinking, self-beliefs) and external (mental health staff attitudes, therapeutic relationships and services) factors on recovery, function and social inclusion outcomes following psychosis.





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